About Me

Hello, I’m Hermione Wild a freelance illustrator living in Wales with my two sons a few miles from the coast and the mountains.

My creative energy comes from being in nature, reading poems, myths and legends and learning about inspirational people. I love learning about communities old and new, traditions across the world and the simple things that make life magical. I am a passionate feminist and mental health advocate.

I come from a creative family and at the age of 3 I told my first teacher that I wanted to be “a lady artist” just like my Grandmother. However, I somehow ended up with a career in insurance and only when I became a mama I finally decided something had to change. I wanted a career that made me happy and would complement my lifestyle of simplicity, enjoying nature, and home educating.

I specialise in family portraits that include elements of nature. Alongside those, I also create a variety of products ranging from wedding stationary, prints, to logos. I mainly work from my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil which allows me to illustrate using a wide range of styles. My preferred digital mediums are ink and watercolour which when printed on textured fine art paper, produce a beautiful finish.