Red haired woman holding flowers and hiding behind them in monochrome black and white striped top with black sky, green leaves and the moonHouse on a steep hill by the sea, plants in the forefront. Woman with red hair watering plants wearing dungarees House cottage in the dark, full moon, plants, glow from a veranda Album cover - Kallisti and everyone else fearing the goddess Eros holidaying a golden apple in a beautiful landscape with red skyFamily portrait with mother, father and daughter in front of plants and rainbow Woman curled up in armchair covered in a yellow blanket reading a book by lamplight. Text reads ‘take the time to replenish your soul’Illustration of David Attenborough with lemur and toucan on his shoulders, tree frog on his hand and butterfly on his nose. Surrounded by plants.Woman breastfeeding in front of the earth. Text reads ‘The world can wait’Woman in orange coat on a beach with grey skies, white dog and boat in the distance
Boy and girl character watering plants, reading a book, dressed up holding toy swords Limited colour palette blue and green with black outlines. Three women protesting climate change. Body positivity image, naked woman surrounded by plants. Quote reads ‘all bodies are good bodies’Red haired lady lying down with flowers in place of body hair. Quote reads ‘I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough’Nude woman surrounded by flowers, quote reads ‘I do not need anyone’s permission to feel glorious’Bear wearing wellies in the rain. Quote says ‘rain, rain, go away’ Brother and sister character Mother Earth with fox, hare, moleIllustrated portrait. Gothic style with plants with mother and son. Black sky with moon and clouds. Little boy dressed up as a superhero in oversized clothes and homemade mask Red haired woman peering out from behind plants