About Me


Hello! I’m Hermione Wild. There isn’t a blanket term for what I do so I’ll do my best to summarise - I’m a creative/spiritual handy woman - I do a little bit of lots of things. Artist, musician, reiki practitioner, tarot reader, writer and in the early stages of bringing a community of like minded people together in the pursuit of authentic happiness.


As a child I wanted to be a “lady artist” like my Grandmother and started my illustration business in 2016. In 2019 I began bringing in my knowledge of mental health into my work and during the Covid lockdowns even more so as people began crying out for guidance. I realised my calling was to find ways of supporting people to find their happiness in alternative ways. I completed courses in happiness psychology, mental health first aid, reiki (energy healing) and I’m a few years into a degree in psychology and creative writing. I also learnt to read tarot as a way to tap into my intuition and dusted off my instruments and began songwriting.


I am still learning - I’m two thirds of the way through my degree, music and story writing as healing tools are an ongoing journey and I have a list of other skills I want to learn, and decisions to make on how to shape these offerings - but I now have space for distance reiki treatments and tarot readings which I thoroughly enjoy doing.

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