Wild Women’s Cyclical living kit
Wild Women’s Cyclical living kit
Wild Women’s Cyclical living kit
Wild Women’s Cyclical living kit

Wild Women’s Cyclical living kit

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‘Wild women’s cyclical living kit’ is designed to help you track your cycle and learn your bodies rhythm. It will help you discover patterns in your moods and different strengths throughout your hormone cycle, so you a can have a harmonious relationship with it.


What’s included 

•An annual cycle tracker so you can see the length of your cycles.⁣ 
• A tracker with daily strengths so you can see what your superpowers are in different phases and the positives of each phase of your cycle. 
• Information pages to explain how to make the most out of what you discover and a guide to what you should be looking for⁣.
• Pages for reflecting on the last month and looking forward to the next.⁣ 
• Positive affirmations for each phase of your cycle to help you embrace each one (yes even your period!) ⁣
• Access to a Wild women’s cyclical living Facebook group (active until September 2nd 2021) for ongoing support and a community of like minded people. ⁣
• 4 videos that explain the seasons/phases of your cycle. What’s great about them and what can be difficult if you aren’t aware of your rhythm, filmed with Jenny Wren from The Women’s Witch ⁣ 
• The pages are illustrated and will be downloadable so you can continue using forever. They are formatted to be cut into A5 so perfect for sticking in journals. ⁣



Further information

  • A donation is made for every sale to one tree planted. One sale = one tree. 
  • You do not necessarily have to have regular periods to be benefit from this. If you are on contraception that stops your periods, you may still have hormone cycles and be able to see where your “seasons” are. If you have PCOS, you may be able to learn when you are due to have a period due based on the moods, energy levels and strengths, monitored by this tracker although it is likely to take longer to find the patterns.
  • The Facebook group can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/324881611817967/ 
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